Charitable Donations to date:
$ 32,088.28

Our mission is simple...
  • We desire to be a comprehensive provider of electrical services to our clients while treating God's creation, both people and environment, with dignity and respect.
  • We will provide the highest level of service to all our clients (residential, commercial, and industrial) while being sensitive to cost in the fragile economic conditions here in the bay area.
  • While accomplishing our traditional role as electricians, we feel that our "garage door" communities are missing the blessing of "being a blessing".  Too often we roll our garage doors up and down when we leave our homes for the day and roll em up and down again when we return to simply shut ourselves in.  We want to help people change that...
"Being a Blessing" is our way to connect the dots.
Eleos Electric asks our clients which small, LOCAL charity they mostly closely identify with.  Then  with this data we arrive at a few charities that are the most popular among OUR clients.
Then we will simply divide a percentage of the company's profit and donate to those charities.

In the end, company profits go where YOU want it to go.

Local Charities Like:
The Green Dog Rescue Project

Our all-star cast
Meet Stan.  Stan has numerous years in the field with extensive experience in lighting and residential remodel electrical work.  
Next up is Nick.  Also with many years in the lighting field, Nick adds several years in the residential and commercial arenas making him an all around excellent electrician.
Our newest addition to the team is Chase who brings another well rounded background making our team field experience total several decades.  He also brings an added facet with years of residential carpentry experience.
And last, but certainly not least...is Travis.  We are really lucky to have a young man so eager to learn and works as hard as anyone on the team.